Tony Hallsworth

Tony Hallsworth
I been using photography as an expression medium, for more than 57 years, and, have traditional values around Photography. This does not mean I not do and use the latest techniques and technology, but I do like an image to look and be presented to it's absolute best.
I use film and the digital medium, depending on what ever I really want to acheive within the finished image.
I now only uses Nikon Equipment since the demise of Rolli 6x6mm. I first moved to Nikon 35mm film in 1983 after using Canon and Minolta equipment.
I began taking Photographs in 1958 with a Kodak Brownie.
The choice of equipment is solely personal and it should be how it feels to each photographer. That is important, and only when you are at ease with the camera can you expect success.
I began to use computerised darkroom methods since I found Photoshop 2.5, in 1992. Firstly on a Mac and now on a PC. Currently Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, software are all I need and use.
My methods of use within Photoshop, are based on personal experience, and how this has evolved over the years. Many of my methods are away from the norm, but, I have always been happy with that and there are so many ways to achieve the same results.

The North Norfolk Coast is my Home.